Terms & Conditions

General Disclaimer

By submitting a work request form, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Meeshell Art & Design as outlined below. These Terms & Conditions are designed to protect my rights as the designer and your rights as the client. Please read carefully before engaging my services.

Requesting Work

When submitting a work request form, you are also requesting a quote from Meeshell Art & Design. A quote will be supplied within 24 hours. Upon receiving this quote, you will be reminded within 3 business days to accept or reject the proposed amount. You may cancel the request at any time.

Commencement of Work

To commence work with Meeshell Art & Design, you must state that you accept the conditions of the supplied quote.

Payment Terms

 1. A 50% deposit of the quoted amount may be required to access sketches and early concepts of your design/s. Invoices will be sent to your supplied email address.

2. If a deposit has been requested the remaining 50% of the quoted amount will be invoiced and paid before receiving your final design. Please note there may be changes to the final invoice amount for reasons including, but not limited to, further revisions, additional jobs, additional time taken, or jobs removed. The final invoice is required to be paid to receive the files.

3. Evidence of payment must be supplied. There are no refunds.

4. Should you decide to cancel a job after work has commenced, you will still be liable for that work. A revised invoice will be sent to the supplied email address and must be paid within 14 days.

Communication, Revisions & Changes

Communication between client and designer is complimentary and will be primarily through email. Phone meetings can be organised. Any revisions or changes that have a substantial impact on the overall job may affect the invoice amounts. As the client you have the right to contact me as needed, request changes, provide feedback and influence the overall direction of your design. As the designer, I will provide you with insight, guidance and advice on your design.

Approval of Final Design

Before supplying the finished design file/s, a mock up will be provided for the client to approve. By approving this final mock up, the client is confirming they are happy with their design.

Transfer of Files

Files will be transferred primarily through email to the client’s supplied email address. In occasions where a file is too large to send through email, it will be uploaded temporarily to Dropbox, or a similar third-party website.

Portfolio Promotion

Clients will have the opportunity to see their work promoted in Meeshell Art & Design’s online portfolio, website and social media. Designs will never be promoted without permission. You can view the current portfolio here. Please note this website utilises a combination of client work, student work and works that are demonstration only.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

1. Once work has commenced, Meeshell Art & Design has the right to access and use your trademarked or copyrighted material, provided it is necessary for the job. You must supply these files.

2. All original work, layouts, art or designs created by Meeshell Art & Design belong to the designer. The client will have the ownership right to use these designs as required. If the client wishes to purchase ownership of an original design, including the original working files and research, a contract payment will need to be agreed upon between both parties.

3. If the job requires the use of other copyrighted material (sponsor logos for example) it is your responsibility to ensure you have permission to use said material.

4. If the client insists on using copyrighted material in any form, including fonts or imitating other designs, the client is liable for any infringement and not Meeshell Art & Design who will advise otherwise.

Quality Service Guarantee

Meeshell Art & Design provides a quality service guarantee through extensive communication, concepts, discussions and research. The job is not complete until the client says so. The client has full control over the quality of the design, the requirements, and the deadlines.

Printing Services

The client may request Meeshell Art & Design to organise printing services on their behalf. This will incur an additional fee, plus the total amount for printing and delivery. Payment must be made before printing commences. Meeshell Art & Design is not liable for any concerns or complaints regarding print quality or accuracy. Measures are taken to ensure the files are supplied in the best format possible for the printer, as per their instructions. Proofs may also be requested.


Meeshell Art & Design cannot guarantee the overall outcome of client designs. While I strive to achieve your goals with the best design solution possible, I am not responsible for the overall performance of your business, marketing campaign, website, social media accounts, or sales figures. If you have a complaint regarding my service, please contact Meeshell Art & Design directly.

Rejecting Work Requests

Meeshell Art & Design believes in treating everyone equally and with respect and dignity. Therefore, the designer reserves to right to potentially reject requests that are blatantly immoral, discriminatory, controversial, or offensive.


The client is responsible for the deadline and should aim to give an adequate amount of time for the designer to complete the requested job. More time should be allocated if printing is required. Meeshell Art & Design is not liable for missing deadlines due to an inadequate amount of time provided, slow or lack of communication, not receiving the requested files in time, or revisions that increase the overall work load.

Client Obligations

The client must ensure they supply accurate information, hold the appropriate licenses for advertising, have permission to use the supplied content, endeavour to keep communications polite and professional, and accept full responsibility for their final design. 

Designer Obligations

The designer will ensure that the design is of a high standard, will provide regular updates and communication, will always remain polite and professional, and will deliver, to the best of their ability, a service that satisfies the client’s needs.

Competition and Consumer

Meeshell Art & Design will never advertise services it cannot provide to a high standard. If you request a service that is not listed on this website, I will evaluate the request and contact you to discuss.


Meeshell Art & Design reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without notice. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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