Privacy Policy

Personal Information Required

Meeshell Art & Design is committed to protecting all personal information you provide. When filling out a form on this website you will be asked to provide personal information in order to submit. This is required for Meeshell Art & Design to contact you to further discuss your design needs. This information will not be disclosed to any third-party and will only be used for its intended purpose.

Collection of Information

Information collected will be used for communication and record keeping purposes only. Your information will never be disclosed without permission.

Website Security

Meeshell Art & Design has undertaken measures to protect this website and online communication. However, Meeshell Art & Design cannot guarantee that all data transmitted over the internet, or stored on servers, is fully secure. Please ensure your own safety when accessing websites with your own security software, and supply information at your own discretion.

Disclosing Information

Clients of Meeshell Art & Design will have the option to promote their business information in an online portfolio, along with additional free social media promotion. Designs will never be promoted online without explicit permission from the client.

At times, permission may be requested to provide feedback, testimonies or reference as a client of Meeshell Art & Design. It is your choice to comply.

If you request Meeshell Art & Design to organise printing on your behalf, your personal information will be disclosed to the printing service.

If a file is too large to send via email, the file will be temporarily uploaded to a website like Dropbox for you to download from. Personal information within the design itself will be disclosed to this third-party website temporarily.

In all other circumstances, your personal information will never be disclosed.


If you have any complaints regarding my service or website, please contact me directly to discuss via a website form.

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