Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time hiring a Graphic Designer, the below FAQ can provide you with guidance and answers to the most common questions!

Design Process

Q. How do I get started?

A. Submit a work request form HERE.

Q. What is the process?

A. To begin I will need additional information about your goals, as well as keywords for brainstorming. There will be some back and forth where I provide rough drafts and concepts for you to accept, comment on or reject. This continues until you are happy with the final product.

Q. I require multiple designs, is that possible?

A. Yes, you can request multiple design services.

Q. Why do I need to provide keywords?

A. Keywords help determine the overall look, feel and goal of your design. Think of themes or styles you might want your design to include.

Q. Can I provide examples of what I am looking for?

A. Yes, please supply as much information as possible.

Q. I don’t know what I want yet, is that a problem?

A. Not at all, I am here to help you figure that out.

Q. Can we organise a phone meeting to discuss the design?

A. Yes. Otherwise all communication will be primarily through email.

Q. How often can I contact you?

A. As often as you need. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Q. Will my designs be print ready?

A. Yes. Designs that are made for print include accurate measurments, photo quality, and colours. If I am organising the print I will liaise with printers to ensure the utmost accuracy. Otherwise, your print ready files will be ready to go.

Q. I don’t know the measurements of my design, is that a problem?

A. We can calculate the measurements based on your needs and printer specifications.

Q. I’ve changed my mind about a design, can I cancel?

A. Yes, but you are still liable for any time spent working on your design, even if it is not completed.

Q. I have a tight deadline, how much time do you need to complete a design?

A. That depends on the job, the amount of research, the overall size of the design, and if you need extra time for printing. I do not recommend rushing your work. However, if you are on a very tight deadline it may be best to ask the printer to design the files for you, as they can quickly prepare it for their machines.

Q. I want to request something that is not advertised on your website, can I?

A. Yes. Meeshell Art & Design advertises services it can provide to a high standard. However, if you are looking for something that is not advertised, please submit a work request form describing your request and I will contact you to discuss.

Q. Why does the on-screen mockup look different to the print out?

A. Our monitors display colour better, and the vibrance of ink changes when printed on different surfaces like matte paper, gloss paper, corflute, fabric, vinyl and so on. Requesting a proof from your printer is the best way to ensure accuracy, or by using specialised ink called Pantone colour. Otherwise, it can be impossible to match screen colours to printed colours.


Q. Why do I need to pay to access design concepts?

A. This marks the half way point in the design process, where you are essentially paying for the time spent researching, brainstorming and developing concepts for your design. Therefore, you are paying for roughly half of the job.

Q. Why did my second invoice amount change?

A. The second invoice is the remaining 50% of the quoted amount. However, it may change if there are substantial increases to the workload, or a reduced workload.

Q. In order to receive any files, I must pay?

A. Yes, in order to secure your design files you must provide evidence of payment.

Q. I want you to organise printing, how will that work?

A. I will contact printers near you for a quote to provide you. I will then organise the printing for you and arrange for the printer to send to invoice to your supplied email. You can choose to have it delivered or picked up. This will incur a service fee.

Q. Is there a service fee for printing?

A. Yes, a small service fee will be charged if you request Meeshell Art & Design to organise printing on your behalf.

File Transfers

Q. What format are the files?

A. Files will be supplied as high-quality PDFs (print and digital versions), PNGs or JPEGs.

Q. Can I edit the files you supply?

A. This is unlikely. The ability to edit files, where editing is enabled, will require some skill and knowledge of Adobe software and graphic design. If you require additional changes in the future it is best to contact me or notify your current designer or printer.

Q. I’ve been asked to supply files, what format do you require?

A. Supply any files you have. PDFs or PNG files with transparent backgrounds will help me convert your art into an editable format, if required.

Q. What type of files do you usually request?

A. The most common request will be for original photos, your logo/s and any reference material. If you cannot provide these, it may impact the quality of your design, such as copyright free stock images instead of original images, or a low res logo.

Q. I only have a small jpeg of my logo, what now?

A. If you don’t have the original file for your logo that’s ok, a lot of businesses are in a similar situation. If I need to recreate your logo from this smaller image then this will be included in the overall quote for your job.

Q. The final design file is too large to send over email, how do I download it?

A. The file will be temporarily uploaded to Dropbox, or a similar site, for you to download.

Q. My computer has warned me that the file you sent is dangerous, what should I do?

A. Delete it, scan your computer and contact me. Meeshell Art & Design has implemented security measures to defend against malware and viruses, but if there are concerns please let me know.


Q. Who owns the design?

A. All original designs, excluding logos, belong to Meeshell Art & Design. As the client you will have ownership rights to use the files I supply as required.

Q. What if I want your original working files?

A. We can agree on a contract and payment to transfer all working files and copyright.

Q. Who owns the drafts, concepts and variations you produce?

A. They belong to Meeshell Art & Design.

Q. Who can use the design?

A. You, myself and anyone you authorise to use the design. I will request permission to use your design in promotions.

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